Braun Industries has a long standing commitment to safety and quality. With an ever-increasing eye for safety by the emergency-vehicle industry, we have the test data and the visual evidence that demonstrates that a Braun ambulance is truly “Built For Life”.

For decades, we have been on the leading edge of safety and when coupled with our premium quality…creating high value for our customers. We kicked things off with our module’s roof and side load testing which exceeded the required load capacity by 300%. We followed that up with our “industry first” rollover module crash test. And now with our side impact AND rollover module crash testing…we are forever committed to occupant safety.

Side Impact Crash Test – June 2016

The side impact test was conducted using an Ford F-150 weighing over 4600 lbs and was outfitted with accelerometers and rate sensors to measure the vehicle’s motion.  It served as a bullet vehicle to impact with the curbside of our new Braun ambulance.  The Ford F-150 was travelling over 40 mph on impact.  The impact created minor exterior body damage at the point of impact.  The impact had no penetration into the occupant area…none!

Rollover Crash Test – June 2016

The rollover impact test was conducted with a new Braun ambulance.  This dynamic testing process generated a travel speed of over 25 mph before for the ambulance engaged the concrete track and began to rollover.  The ambulance completed a full 360 degree rotation; landing on the wheels.  The rollover created minor body damage at the points of impact.  There was, again, no penetration into the occupant area…none!  This ambulance has since been driven to multiple locations across the country for display and review by first responders.